proven greatness of the S20 Ultra

proven greatness of the S20 Ultra

proven greatness of the S20 Ultra: Hi friends, back again with Rockmen. On today’s occasion, I’m David here, and this is the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. It looks similar to last year’s S20 Ultra. The casing was also perfect for trying this cellphone for the first time at the launch event yesterday. In my heart, I was already thinking, Wow, I don’t think there’s much to discuss about this cellphone.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

However, I just copied yesterday’s review script, but the reality is different, brothers. You can read this article. I don’t know how long it is, but I have a lot to talk about about the S20 Ultra. This cellphone is not as simple as the S20 Ultra. Samsung is relaxing just because.

proven greatness of the S20 Ultra

1. S20 Ultra Quality

proven greatness of the S20 Ultra
Many people say that the S20 Ultra is the best, and then it closes like that. It turns out there are lots of different parts of this cellphone, including the design, which looks similar. This is a matter of detailed details; for example, the camera of the S20 Ultra is surrounded by a thicker ring. The aim is maybe to give it a cool shine, right? If it’s exposed to light, or this is my version of a conspiracy theory, the lens is given a ring so that the distance between the cameras is further down.

proven greatness of the S20 Ultra
model sensor

The S20 Ultra casing can’t be used on the S203 Ultra; it just doesn’t fit the camera. That’s all, even though the rest is fine. Suzan mode is on if positive thinking mode is on from the start of the camera distance.

Maybe it should be avoided because it has a new model sensor and a more sophisticated OIS system. So it needs a wider space than it looks like. It’s better to give it a ring, so it’s beautiful. I don’t know. I’m just happy to overthink cell phones. It’s a hobby until it becomes a job. Like now, I like blink-bling models like this. It seems cooler.

2. Microphone position

proven greatness of the S20 Ultra
Then the difference is that the position of the microphone at the top has been shifted quite a bit, and at the bottom, there is an extra microphone. At first, I thought that there was quite an extra hole, it looks like the microphone is added, but it turns out there are still 2 microphones on the S20 Ultra, the one at the bottom seems to only Just decorate it to make it look different or to make it look like a Metris so that there are holes like right and left balance, or for speakers, it shouldn’t be like that.

But what is certain is that the S20 Ultra’s microphone is only 2, not 3. It’s still a matter of design. Now the shape of the S20 Ultra’s right and left frames has also been made flatter. It sounds trivial again, but if you have ever held the S20 Ultra, you will feel that the S20 Ultra is better to hold, more secure, and not as slippery. In the last edition, for the S20 Ultra, I had to give it a casing so I could get a better grip.

The problem is that overall it feels more slippery, but on the S20 Ultra, it’s not necessary. The only benefit of this casing is that it’s not just about grip, it can be used in case it gets knocked, falls, or gets scratched, even though Samsung has been showing off a lot of their solid frame material, which is made from aluminum armor. I keep using Gorilla Glass 2 Victur, but it still tickles me when I rub it like this. There are no cell phones that are anti-scratch and anti-scratch.

3. Casing

proven greatness of the S20 Ultra
So it’s possible that you still want to use a casing or use a casing just for style; you can change the mood, and my regular shop, Uni Case Store, has a wide selection of beautiful casings from all kinds of brands. There’s also the Spigen Ultra Hybrid, which has always been a mainstay. They said that the cellphone hasn’t been sold yet, people have already bought it to get ready, and there is an optical armor casing, which, as the name suggests, protects the optics and can cover the camera lens for those who are afraid of their cellphone camera.

Why is there also one that is my favorite? This is the short Fusion It’s no less good because the S203 Ultra doesn’t come with a charger, and the cellphone box is thinner than the charger box. If you’re interested, I’ve put the link below. When you want to check out, don’t forget to use the unique Gadgetin code so you can get an additional discount. Thank you, Unicast. Who has read this article?

4. The designer

proven greatness of the S20 Ultra
So, regarding the design of the S20 Ultra, there is a difference. Even though the impression is very similar to the S20 Ultra, I don’t have a problem with it because just last year the S Series was released, the concept was finished, combined with the Note Series, the shape was renovated, and in total it now has a different angle.

Sharp, if the S used to be curved, and of course now it has an S pen base on the Note series, so everything has been combined with the Killer features below in the S Series; there is no other brand that can compare to this; the upgrade is leaps and bounds.

So it doesn’t matter if this year the style changes a little; just take a short break. For example, we tell you to change if the designer is stressed and wants to heal. It’s better to work at Apple for several years; they have the same model; the camera is the same as the iPhone 11 Pro, 12 Pro, 13 Pro, just different sizes. Just type in the box and give it a frame.


On average, it’s the old school iPhone style, then 2 years later I gave it Dynamic Island, and no one protested; instead, it went viral all over the world. I’ve said how long it takes, 5 minutes, to play to create a design that looks the same; the key is overthinking; no wonder the gossip can go on for hours, talking about all kinds of things. self-made scenarios.

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5. Flagship

proven greatness of the S20 Ultra
But if we talk about the S20 Ultra’s screen, it won’t take long; the screen is just like that; it’s like looking at the headlines; not even Thai people are tired of hearing about the S20 Ultra’s screen. It’s a top-notch 6.8-inch panel and uses an AMOLED 2x brightness with a maximum 1750 refresh. 120 Hz, which can go up and down to 1H Gorilla Glass Victus with two 1440p resolutions, similar to the S20 Ultra, which has the status of being the best screen on the market.

Please prove it with your own eyes. This is an old song. It’s better if I just talk about the most obvious upgrade from the S20 Ultra because, finally, Samsung’s flagship uses a chipset that is the best in its class and has maximum performance. So far, Samsung’s flagship machines have never had an optimal chipset. It’s indeed flagship class, but it’s the Exynos type, which is never better than Snapdragon, but once you get a Snapdragon, it heats up quickly.

This time, luckily, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 wasn’t all that messed up. Samsung is doing all sorts of things on the S23 Ultra, using the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 4 Galaxy, which has a 5% higher clock switch for the CPU and GPU, but when I benchmarked, the scores were similar.

Similar to Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, the other 5% is not yet visible and when playing Genshin, the frame rate also can’t be maximized The average is 52 FPS on high settings because it can still be 60, but after a while, there is a slight drop in performance for me like this. It’s already graduated. proven greatness of the S20 Ultra.

6. Performance

proven greatness of the S20 Ultra
Indeed, the performance of the Galaxy doesn’t feel like it’s just that the important thing is that it can keep up with other cellphone rivals and is much better than Samsung’s flagship, which is about to be given a new challenge. Now we’d better move on to the boss, who says he’s even crazier, right? There’s a lot requested in the comments.

The mobile is still stuck at 30 because it’s still new; he said it’s been on hold for 2 years now, so the developer is taking it slow. I don’t know how long it will take before it can reach 60 fps; we’ll see. I don’t know if the cellphone will get a stuck frame rate or not later. It’s not certain, but at least for smooth play, it’s safe.

One of the luxuries of an expensive cellphone is that if you want new games like whatever you want, you’ll have to have 12 Gi RAM ready and stuffed with as many applications as you can. If you can’t, it’s easy to stay with the game developer.

This smart phone can’t run, right? It’s a mess talking about long-term use. Samsung has committed that they will provide major software updates for the next 4 years, which means they will get Android 17. Hopefully, it will last longer, but at least 4 years are set first. Next, this cellphone battery also feels like it got an upgrade; yes, it doesn’t have new technology, which means the capacity remains the same at 5000 mahh.

proven greatness of the S20 Ultra
software updates

But because the chip is Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, which is more efficient, it feels like this cellphone’s battery is more economical. Previously, when I used the S20 Ultra for my daily cellphone for about 6 months, I usually had 20 to a dozen percent remaining after a day of use, but the S20 Ultra was for a new one.

I’ve been using it all day, and it still works 30% better. The longer I use the S20 Ultra, I feel like I’m appreciating the upgrade that I get. This cellphone is getting better or worse; I don’t know if it’s because at first I didn’t do much or because Samsung doesn’t show off much. What seems important is something that isn’t exciting, but it’s important. and must be used. proven greatness of the S20 Ultra.

7. Camera

proven greatness of the S20 Ultra
I just realized that the marketing that they are showing is a 200-megapixel camera and always a 200-megapixel camera. The advertisement zooms too far to the moon until you can see the robot’s satellite. Even though the zoom camera is the same as the S20 Ultra, there are three times, there are 10 times, and the quality is just as good. I will often use it for detailed photos. which is far from a specific area.

I would prefer a camera that is 10 times or three times 200 megapixels. It’s okay; that’s okay. Fortunately, the 200-megapixel sensor is claimed to be not only for taking high-rise photos but to support the Tetra quadrat dining system, which can combine data from 16 pixels into one pixel. This is an exciting concept that claims to be able to make night photos more beautiful. The results are really beautiful, even better in a super dark car, photos on the side of the road at night under a tree where the lighting is destroyed, or street photos in a dimly lit room. Everything looks top-notch.

I don’t know whether this is really because of the Tetra quadratic pixel system, the software process is great, the OS system is super stable so more light can come in, or a combination of all three. What is certain is that the Samsung S20 Ultra camera is good for taking photos in any condition. Whatever lens you use, it’s all crazy above standard. proven greatness of the S20 Ultra.

proven greatness of the S20 Ultra
Samsung S20 Ultra camera

We praise it, but it turns out that it can still be pushed forward again, so it’s even better with the S20 Ultra. Even though it’s really good, it doesn’t feel exciting; the engine has been made faster; it’s supposed to be a new flexible cellphone; the battery lasts a little longer; the camera is a little better; the body is a little stronger; nothing. Wow, it really can’t be shown off how to zoom in 100 times to take photos of the moon, but that’s also available on the S2 Ultra.

But as someone who likes gadgets and follows the world of gadgets, I’m still happy with boring upgrades like watching MotoGP. There’s a new slot-phase record. Oh, maybe it’s only 0.1 seconds faster, but it’s great; those in the racing world will know how much The cool thing is that it’s 0.1 seconds faster than that. It looks like an upgrade; it’s just an ordinary upgrade, but when you remember that it can reach the best standards, it feels cool, especially if it’s a non-flagship cellphone.

Now that the new cellphone is destroyed, it feels unclear that the newer upgrade is not necessarily better, so yes, this is like a breath of fresh air. When I am asked, do I recommend upgrading from the S21 Ultra to the S20 Ultra? I say no, unless you like gadgets and have a lot of budget.

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If your cellphone is already quite cranky all the time or you have a hobby of rich cellphones, that is, always free from rules, yes, this is one of the best cellphones you can buy on the market, and it will be my first choice to recommend, So is the gadget review for the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra? If you like it, keep following it. If you don’t like it, we’ll meet again in the next article, and there are lots of budgets everyone dreams of. proven greatness of the S20 Ultra.

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