Pavilion plus 14 proven to be a simple laptop

Pavilion plus 14 proven to be a simple laptop

Pavilion plus 14 proven to be a simple laptop: This thin and light laptop has a high-resolution 2.8k OLED screen and 120 Hz. This thin and light laptop also has a full aluminum body, weighs only 1.3 kg, the processor uses a 13th generation Intel Core i7, RAM is 16 GB LPDDR 5,200, the camera has a resolution of 5 megapixels, the battery lasts more than 11 hours, and the price is under IDR 17 million. This is the Pavilion Plus 14 cellphone.

Pavilion plus 14 proven to be a simple laptop.  In 2023, in recent years, cellphones have been seen starting to polish their Pavilion series to make it look more beautiful and more premium. It’s not just the logo that has changed. On this laptop, the screen uses an OLED panel with curious variable refresh rate technology.

But slowly, let’s start with the basic specs first. For the processor, we use an Intel Core S7 1355U. Of course, we use Intel 7, a total of 10 cores, 12 threads with 2 performance cores and 8 efficient cores, a base power of 15 watts, and a maximum turbo frequency of 5 GHz. for the Intel Smart Case, there are 12 MB integrated graphics, and of course, it uses Intel Iris.

Pavilion plus 14; can’t be upgraded

So it really can’t be upgraded, but 16 gigs is not bad for 1 TB of SSD nvme PCI 4.0 storage. There’s only one SSD slot here. So yes, it can still be upgraded, but you have to replace the installed SSD because it’s already 1 TB, right?  I think you should just enjoy it first. For wireless activities, he uses MediaTek WiFi 6 mt7921; of course, it can support Wifi 6 and the Bluetooth version is already version 5.3.

Meanwhile, the battery capacity is 68 Watt hours, which is quite large. Yes, the OS uses Windows 11 Home, and the body form factor is, of course, a clamshell or classic laptop. Yes, the material is full metal. The recycled chassis is attractive. The color of this variant is called natural silver, and there are two other colors: tranquil pink and moonlight blue.

Pavilion plus 14 proven to be a simple laptop

Pavilion plus 14-body design

Pavilion plus 14 proven to be a simple laptop

This body design feels simple and elegant, and the size is also relatively compact for a Pavilion-class laptop. It already looks very similar to the NV class above, especially if you look at the logo used on the back of the screen; it already uses a premium class cellphone logo.

So the laptop feels even more luxurious. The dimensions are 31.4 cm long and 22.7 cm wide, with a thickness of 1.89 cm. The weight of the laptop alone is 1.37 kg, while the charger is 205 GR, so the total weight below is 1.57 kg.

 type C charger

Pavilion plus 14 proven to be a simple laptop

This charger is a type C charger. Well, for the current display, the size is 14 inches, and the screen is an OLED panel. Of course, yes, I heard it correctly; this is a Pavilion, but the screen uses OLED. Yes, that’s great. The resolution is 2.8k, or 2,880*1800 pixels, and the aspect ratio is 16:10.  This laptop has a variable refresh rate, so it can shift between 48, 60, and 120 Hz.

Pavilion plus 14 proven to be a simple laptop

So this can adjust the refresh rate to the content that is being used or turned on on this laptop. For example, when the laptop is idle or a movie motor, which might be 24 FPS or 30 FPS, the refresh rate will drop to 48 Hz. When using or moving the mouse while scrolling website documents or playing games, the refresh rate will increase to 120 Hz, so it feels smooth.

Pavilion plus 14 proven to be a simple laptop

Pavilion plus 14 brightness levels

Pavilion plus 14 proven to be a simple laptop

A cellphone whose brightness level is at 400 nits, and according to our tests, the brightness level when the HDR is turned off is at 407 nits. Wow, this is really on point, Meanwhile, if the HDR is on and turned on, the brightness level can reach 622 nits  That’s great; it’s really bright here, and the gamut coverage is at 99.5% on CP3 with a volume of 120.4% on CP3.

So yes, it’s fair to say that this is 100% on CP3. Yes, the screen also has Vesa True Black HDR 500 certification, or HDR 500. The OLED panel has also been certified by IMAX INH in collaboration with Disney Plus.

Pavilion plus 14 proven to be a simple laptop. So all films watched via Disney Plus can provide the same visual experience as watching on Imax. The surface of the screen is glossy, so the full-color glossy OLED panel comes out here for the frame on three sides. It is classified as very thin, with a screen-to-body ratio reaching 88%.

 Pavilion plus 14 cameras

Pavilion plus 14 proven to be a simple laptop

Now let’s talk about the camera here. It’s interesting because the webcam uses a camera with a resolution of 5 megapixels. Apart from the high resolution, the camera also has various interesting features that can be accessed via the video control menu in the MyHP software, such as auto frame, which can keep the user present.  in the center of the frame when moving around.

So it’s very effective because it’s assisted by a webcam that has a high resolution, so the results don’t look blurry, even though the Atut frame zooms in and then he also has a background adjustment, back adjustment, low light adjustment, natural tone, and appearance filter.

Pavilion plus 14 microphones

Pavilion plus 14 proven to be a simple laptop

Apart from the interesting camera, the microphone is also equipped with a noise-canceling feature, which can be accessed via the Audio Control menu in the MyHP software. The quality of the camera and microphone is more or less like this. This is the webcam quality of the HP Pavilion 14 laptop. For indoor conditions with sufficient lighting. So what do you do?  while outside and testing on a lap, this time we are outside and testing the ni canceling feature on the HP Pavilion Plus 14 laptop. So what are the results?

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audio Pavilion plus 14

Pavilion plus 14 proven to be a simple laptop

Pavilion plus 14 proven to be a simple laptop

The results for the audio on this laptop use two speakers from Bank and Olovson which are located at the bottom of the laptop, facing the user. This one is also equipped with equalizer settings, which can be accessed from the audio control menu in the MyHP software.

The bass isn’t very loud, but overall, the sound quality is still relatively good for its price class, especially considering the laptop is thin.

It’s good, just for the record. Because the speakers are facing downwards towards the user, the volume of sound produced really depends on the base of the laptop, if the base is solid, like on a table like this, that’s great, but if you put it on a mattress or on a pillow, it can be closed, making the sound diminish.  there.

Pavilion plus 14 connectors

Pavilion plus 14 proven to be a simple laptop

Continue discussing the connectors On the left, there is one 3.5 mm audio Jack combo and there is one USB 3.2 gen 1 5 gbps On the right, there is one USB type C 3.2 Gen 2 10 GPS, which supports display output USB power delivery and data transfer Then there is  one Thunderbolt 4 So you can also install an external GPU and other Thunderbolt devices, all compatible here, and then there is still an HDMI 2.1 port, and then there is a USB type 3.2 gen 2 10 GB too.

Here, the keyboard layout is still similar to other Pavilion laptop keyboards; the up and down arrow keys are half the size of the other keys, but the keys feel softer compared to the previous generation Pavillon, and here are also the home page up and page down keys.  The end is on the right side.

then the power button is also integrated with the keyboard layout, which is located next to the Delete button. But the button feels heavier when pressed, so if you accidentally press it while typing, nothing will happen to the laptop.

The keyboard is also equipped with a white backlit with two levels of brightness, which can be adjusted with the F4 key for the touchpad. This laptop uses a precision touchpad with a satisfactory size.

The location tends to be center to body, so it’s a bit wider to the right of the spacebar button, but don’t worry, the palm rejection is quite good here; even when you accidentally click the mouse cursor, it still doesn’t react.

So as long as it’s not a fingertip, it’s safe for the security system. It also has an infrared camera that supports Windows Hello, so logging into Windows is easier and faster.

Now let’s talk about the cooling aspect. It uses an active cooling system; here there is one fan and one heat pipe; the intake is from the bottom, and the exhaust is towards the back.

Now let’s discuss the performance aspect. We check the consistency of performance with Sbach R15. We loop 20 times here. The maximum score that can be obtained is 1545 points, while the score that can be maintained until the 10th run is in the 100s of points when entering runs 11 to 20.  He is in the 1,000-point range.

Meanwhile, if we use battery mode without plugging it into electricity, the score that can be maintained is in the range of 1000 to 1100 points. It looks like the score is similar to the score when plugged into the charger.

When the working temperature in this software spiked to 92 degrees Celsius during the first run, it dropped and was maintained at 63 to 70 degrees Celsius so this is a relatively safe working temperature. There are no problems.

Because there is a thunderb port, we plug in an external GPU using an RTX 2080 Super. For GPU exation, use a horse with the EGPU; you can get 2 minutes, 24 seconds; of course, it’s fast here; if the video is full HD 60 FPS, yes, 2 minutes, 7 seconds; also, software only.  in 2 minutes 54 seconds, while if I use OpenCL, it takes 1 minute 45 seconds.

Pavilion plus 14 proven to be a simple laptop.  Using a GPU and a horse with an external GPU only took 47 seconds. The working temperature when doing 4K video export with OpenCL initially reached 92 degrees Celsius but then dropped and remained in the range of 70 to 80 degrees Celsius when exporting; again, this is still considered safe.

Proceed to Davinci Resolve 18.2 free version video editing software; 4K60 video is completed in 14 minutes and 29 seconds; meanwhile, the same video if we use an internal GPU only takes 5 minutes and 32 seconds; for full HD 60 FPS video, it is completed in 3 minutes and 49 seconds if using egpu finished in 1 minute and 34 seconds.

The working temperature when doing 4K video exporting was 94 degrees Celsius; yes, at the beginning, then it went down and could be maintained in the range of 60 to 80 degrees Celsius. Daviny Resoft can be controlled on this laptop. Surely many people have asked for a laptop like this.  use it for gaming.

Using the EGPU with Thunderbolt 4, we also tried playing several games with an external GPU. Now we look at the working temperature when we play GTA 5 for 30 minutes with integrated graphics. It can be seen that the CPU stays in the range of 63 to 67 degrees Celsius; this is a relatively low temperature, especially if we look at the thin dimensions of the laptop here.

The hottest surface temperature is on the right shift button, which can reach 40 degrees Celsius. This is a very good result because the maximum is 40, and usually it is 40 less.

 Meanwhile for the keyboard area

Pavilion plus 14 proven to be a simple laptop

Others are in the range of 30 to 37 degrees Celsius. If the palmer area is clearly safe, it is below 32 degrees Celsius. Even though this is not a gaming laptop, the surface temperature and working temperature can be kept low when playing games.

 Now you can test the SSD with Krystal Disma We get that the read speed is 6,600 73 MB press and the write speed is 3,855 MB press. for Pis Gen 4 this is not extraordinary, but for a TV laptop like this, it is really fast, which is appropriate for laptop gaming.

Pavilion plus 14 proven to be a simple laptop

Next, for the battery test, friends, try with a weight of 150 nits with the volume we put at 25%. The results for local video playback in 1080p show that the battery only runs out after 11 hours and 30 minutes. Wow, 11.5 hours of very good battery performance, especially if you remember the screen  If you use an OLED panel with a resolution of 2.8k, this is most likely because of the variable refresh rate. So you can save money there.

then, for the first 30 minutes of charging, it is filled to 26%.  while from 0 to full 100% it takes 2 hours 20 minutes. This result is not extraordinary, but it is as expected.

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The price for this laptop is sold at around IDR 16,999,000, including Windows 11 Home and Microsoft Office Home Student 2021 as well. Then there is an official Indonesian mobile warranty for 2 years, complete with accidental damage protection.

 This accidental damage protection covers all damage caused by the user’s accident, including accidental falls and water spills. Electric corse lighting is covered by all.

Meanwhile, damage that is not covered is corrosion, contact with dangerous liquids, natural disasters, accidents, theft, or loss; that is not damage, so it is not covered.  This ADP claim can be made by bringing the laptop unit along with your KTP and purchase invoice to the nearest service center. We can replace spare parts once per year.

With ADP, this is total because the guarantee is 2 years, so two replacements are required as long as the total repair cost does not exceed the cost of the laptop.

The first thing you need to pay attention to is that the onboard RAM is clear. Even though it uses DDR5, this cannot be upgraded; just considering that the capacity is already 16 gigs with a direct dual channel configuration, it should be sufficient.

then the screen display is really cool, but the speakers don’t balance the display a bit, so if you want balance when watching, it’s better to use headphones or add more speakers. Interestingly, it uses a 13th-generation Intel Core i7 processor, and the performance is satisfactory. It has a large number of cores, so it’s suitable for crazy multitasking.

The performance is also fast enough for light gaming. Even the performance when not plugged into electricity or a charger is still fast. The working temperature is also important. The working temperature and surface temperature are very, very safe here. Then the storage capacity is also quite high. The battery life is also very good.  It lasts almost 12 hours for local video playback.

This camera has a resolution of 5 megapixels, is equipped with various features, and there is even an infrared sensor that also supports Windows Hello. This screen is an OLED screen with a resolution of 2.8k. Kalga Mood coverage is close to 100% and has this variable refresh rate feature, which makes the battery more economical.

Of course, what is clear is that this screen is really suitable for use for watching various kinds of videos or even editing photos and videos; you can do it here; the connector is complete; it even still has Thunderbird 4; the wireless connectivity is also future-proof; and lastly, it has a bonus.  Microsoft Office and a 2-year guarantee complete with ADP.

Pavilion plus 14 proven to be a simple laptop. So the question is, who is the Pavillon Plus 14 2023 cellphone suitable for? Obviously, for those of you who need a laptop for office work, this is really good—even a little overkill, maybe for those who are looking for a laptop for entertainment or entertainment while lightly gaming.

 for watching, The screen is really pretty, the game also looks really cool, the appearance is really cool for photo editing, the two-dimensional design is clear, you can still use it for video editing, but our suggestion is maybe it’s really comfortable; up to 1080p 60FPS, there’s no problem, and maybe 4k3 is still possible.

If you want 4K60 editing, it’s still okay, but when exporting, I think it’s better if you have an external GPU, or maybe for those of you who are just looking for a laptop whose battery lasts all day, this one lasts almost 12 hours.

In the end, this Pavillon laptop succeeds in offering various features that are usually found in premium-class laptops in the R million and above class at a more affordable price. So if you are looking for a premium-feeling laptop at a more affordable price, it looks like the HP Pavillon Plus 4 is worth considering. Pavilion plus 14 proven to be a simple laptop.

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