Oppo ColorOS 14 Launches Here Are 7 New Improved Features

Oppo ColorOS 14 Launches Here Are 7 New Improved Features

Oppo ColorOS 14 Launches Here Are 7 New Improved Features: Assalamualaikum, warahmatullahi, wabarakatuh, back again with us Rockmen. This time, we will discuss Android. Talking about Android, we are currently enjoying Android 13 which was released in 2022, and in February 2023, Android 14 was also released, Yes, but it is still in the development stage, and currently there is a beta version, and we can try it. It’s really right on my Oppo Reno 8, I’ve got the beta version here, I’ve downloaded it, OK, and I want to try installing it, Let’s try to see what the differences are, what the improvements are, and of course there are updates here too. The OS is in color S14.

ColorOS 14 update changes

Oppo ColorOS 14 Launches Here Are 7 New Improved Features: Usually, if you update a color like that, it’s a total update, yes, it’s a total change in terms of appearance, and there are features, So remember, from the colorOS 12 update to colorOS 13, the changes are really big, yes, in terms of appearance, the appearance has really changed, and also many features have been added.

So, for fellow Oppo users or Oppo users who want to try the beta version of Android 14, you can go straight to settings, go to settings on the device, and just click at the top. Then, at point 3 there is a beta program. Here,  you can directly register for the beta program.

Oppo ColorOS 14 Launches Here Are 7 New Improved Features
Features ColorOS 14

For example, if your cellphone can get the beta version, you will immediately be notified of the update. For example, if your cellphone is not yet able to enjoy the beta update, maybe you have to be patient for a while before Android 14 or ColorOS 14 for Oppo is actually ready. The fix can now be enjoyed on all Oppo cellphones.

Oppo ColorOS 14 Launches Here Are 7 New Improved Features

Oppo ColorOS 14 Launches Here Are 7 New Improved Features: OK, let’s just install it for the Color S14 on the Oppo Reno 8. OK, friends, we have finished the update and it has changed a bit, Yes, from the appearance there has been a change, and in my opinion, the vibrating logo hasn’t changed much, previously it was in the shape of a bell, but now it looks like a box with a zigzag image like that, and the changes can also be seen in the icon-icon in file manager.

For audio in ColorOS 13, it’s in ladder form, but in 14, it’s now in AUD B wave, a wave like that, Yes, with the video, there are also slight changes. Usually, for example, if there is a colorOS update, it will be displayed in the settings. Yes, we can see all the newest features here. Let’s just check the smart suggestions first, and then we’ll check the smart suggestions.

Here we have previously logged in to the Oppo account, but it turns out again, the Oppo account, we have to log in again, and below the newest features in security and privacy, we click on start first, For the security and privacy display in colorOS 13, it’s like this for colorOS 14. In password, security, and privacy, the menu is combined, so this is what it looks like. Yes, that is one of the differences between 13 and 14, friends.

So it looks like contextual information is always on display, but now the information can go to the lock screen and also go to the notification panel, which was previously only available on the OS to update online transportation. OK, that was just here, in contextual information; now there are smart suggestions. If the smart suggestion that we saw earlier can be displayed in the notification panel, it can be displayed on the lock screen or on the last on display, Yes, that’s an additional feature that I think is really good for Grab users, but if I don’t use Grab, it’s not yet. can enjoy this feature.

Turn off the display first, The overall appearance doesn’t change anything, it doesn’t change completely, Just from the top menu, if previously it was a bit square, now it’s round at the top, but actually we can set the shape of the menu here, whatever it is, we can shape it. square, can be round, as well as setting icons. Here, everything has changed, now it looks fresher compared to the old one. It looks like the changes are slight, but it just looks better.

OK, guys, maybe for complete details, we will first try to see what the advantages or new features are in ColorOS 14, Only then can we see what the advantages are.

Well, here is the latest about this version: it is smart and efficient, perfecting the cloud photo service with Google Photos security and verification for permissions related to photos. There is this performance optimization. It should already be there because of the OS update, so the Aqua Morph design upgrades the Aqua Morphic design with a natural color style, soft and clear, providing a more comfortable color experience. It’s no wonder there’s a different taste.

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Even though the shape is the same, it turns out the taste is different, Maybe this is the reason, adding an aquamorphic-themed ringtone and changing the system notification sound for entering the computer improves the system animation by making it smoother.

Oppo ColorOS 14 Launches Here Are 7 New Improved Features

OK, user service, that was a smart suggestion, and OK, the rest is what we have to try. What we saw earlier was that the color was different, and then we would try to ring it. Here the ringing is Aquamor Pic, really adding an Aquamor Pic themed ringtone, changing the system notification sound, other sounds, there are number buttons, and the Aquamor Pic theme can actually be heard.

Friends, we can change the classic one that existed before, Sim1, Sim2, according to our taste, and this notification also has aquamorphic. OK, that’s the addition of features, and there are also changes to the appearance of OS 14 with Android 14. For now, there will be more updates periodically, we look forward to it and I will also video each update in ColorOS 14 until it is fixed. Yes.

So friends who are curious can just comment directly. It said there was a change in the wallpaper. One more time, let’s check the wallpaper section. I forgot, guys. I thought the wallpaper would support wallpaper, but it turns out it doesn’t. Later, with better screen specifications, there will be other changes. We’ll update again later.

Oppo ColorOS 14 new features

Oppo ColorOS 14 Launches Here Are 7 New Improved Features

First, let’s try it from the camera. Yes, from the camera. This is from the camera. Now the interval menu is added. Here, so this interval menu, once we click, it will take this photo, I’ll take 20 shots, try it faster, 10 shots in 1 second. Yes, for an example like this, if I press it, it will take 10 photos every second. This is better mounted on a tripod. Yes, this is a cool photo, photos of Keet 7 to 10, then we will try to check the results, then we will do it here. Yes, this is the best photo. Then you can take one of them using the interval model.

OK, the next change is in the settings menu, In the settings menu here, the theme is also newer, like there are lines, Here at the bottom, it’s different from the previous color S13; colorOS 14 is smoother.

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The theme is also newer, yes, then in this menu, we are in privacy, there is prasi; yes, you can go straight to this, well, the new one is like this, for everything else, it’s almost the same as colorOS 14 f13, yes, there are only new additions here. Yes, on the Chinese model, there is a ring. Well, here is the Aqua Merufik theme. This is the new one from ColorOS 14.

OK, for everything else, it’s the same, I’m still trying this, it’s still the same as on the previous Color S13. Oh yes, this is the same addition in the settings menu, yes, settings, ad connection, and sharing settings, Now there is an additional connection to Windows.

So it can be connected to Windows, so you can connect this Oppo cellphone to Windows on a PC computer without having to use a cable, just use the application.

colorOS14, yes, on the Oppo Reno 8t cellphone, yes, Renault 8t 4G, this is colorOS14, let’s try checking in the settings here, there is for Reno 8t, yes, Reno 8t 4G, if the S14 is the Beta version, the trial version, then we check the Android version, this is correct, yes, Android 14 measured 8t okay, the new one in colores 14.

Thank you, friends, who read until the end for the update on color S13 to color S14. Also, look forward to the next article. Don’t forget to follow, like comments, and share on your social media, I’m Rockmen, see you in the next article.

(Oppo ColorOS 14 Launches Here Are 7 New Improved Features)


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