iPhone 13 Pro Max Blank screen and easy ways to solve it

iPhone 13 Pro Max Blank screen and easy ways to solve it

iPhone 13 Pro Max Blank screen and easy ways to solve it: Hello friends, back again with Rockmen. On this occasion, I will write a little challenge for my Blank Screen friends.

iPhone Issues Blank screen

iPhone Blank screen and easy ways to solve it: A few days ago, the iPhone 13 Pro Max suddenly had a blank screen. Blank screen; how about the screen? The screen is just white. So it can’t be used for anything; the point is that it’s blank, friends. Even though the cellphone is still smooth, I’ve never used it heavily, it’s never been dropped, and it’s never been in the water. But there’s no need to panic because previously I have seen several incidents where there were lots of cases of the iPhone 13 Pro mix where the screen suddenly went blank, friends.

iPhone 13 Pro Max Blank screen and easy ways to solve it
screen white

It’s something that’s been built in from there, whether it’s Apple’s fault or the screen brand’s fault that doesn’t match the screen standards of the iPhone itself. I wonder whether this cellphone can be repaired or not. Previously, I had seen and checked in the news and in posts that many people could claim the iPhone 13 Pro Max for free, even though their budget had run out. Because I already knew the steps, let’s go straight to the tracker. Why? because that’s the closest place to my location to claim the warranty. (iPhone 13 Pro Max Blank screen and easy ways to solve it)

iPhone 13 Pro Max Blank screen and easy ways to solve it: coping experience

Remember, this cellphone has been in the garage; it’s been out of service for more than 1 year. I’ve been using it for 1.5 years. I’ve had a little experience queuing for a while, and I’ve been in front of people explaining that my iPhone, the garage, has been off, and because the screen was hit by the Blend screen, I had to replace it.

The cost was around 6.9 million, or almost 7 million. My friends got a new cellphone if they wanted to buy a new Android or iPhone 11, but I refused and chose to be diagnosed first, so I put the cellphone there, and then I immediately called the Apple call center.

The one from Singapore still explained that if you get a free claim, you can make it for free, and all the decisions are up to Apple directly whether it can be sent for free or not; they are just checking. Well, the results will be sent directly to Apple, and they will also give me the Indonesian call center number.
(iPhone 13 Pro Max Blank screen and easy ways to solve it)

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At that time, I was told to call as soon as possible so that the process would be faster, so the quicker the better. I deliberately didn’t call first, and the next day I just called the call center directly from Singapore, not the telephone number, so I looked for Apple support on how to contact beginners and friends. You just have to go to Apple web support, go to support, and continue to get support from now on. (iPhone 13 Pro Max Blank screen and easy ways to solve it)

Then ask for repair and replacement; continue to select a call and enter your serial number; your serial number is on the cellphone; then fill in all the data and continue; then Apple will contact you for overseas servers. Yesterday I was faster, friends, for the Indonesian server.

iPhone 13 Pro Max Blank screen and easy ways to solve it
serial number

It took a long time when we were contacted by Apple support. We were required to explain as clearly as possible that nothing was subtracted and nothing was added, so I just explained that our cellphone suddenly got a blank screen, which at first was fine; it never fell off. or get hit by water or whatever, they will accept our complaints well, friends, because this is Apple Singapore, so it’s in English, and I’m not very good at English.
(iPhone 13 Pro Max Blank screen and easy ways to solve it)

So I’ll tell you what it is using Google Translate, friends. If you don’t speak English, you can ask the Indonesian consul to read it to them after explaining it at length. Apple will contact us yesterday from there, about 2 to 3 days after the diagnosis.

So wait for the partner first. It has been checked, then sent to Apple, and then checked with them. Is this suitable for a warranty claim or not? Two or three days after that, we will get a call before they confirm first on that day whether we can accept it or not. If not, we can speak directly on the telephone or we can fill out the form they give us. The form will be sent to the email that we registered passively on our cellphone to Mitra Care or other authors.

friends, and exactly 2 days after I contacted Apple Singapore, they immediately called me, but this was via an Indonesian person. So I didn’t need to translate anymore. The conversation was more or less like this:. Then the liquid indicator in the machine also didn’t turn on, meaning it was already in the sense of your cell phone.

Today I never got water in. This means that the last father also told me that the cellphone’s warranty has expired; it’s off. For example, the warranty has expired. That’s why the service place sent you a price offer because you have to pay, sir, but I want to go to the bank, so dad. There is no need to pay, which means it will be a free LCD, please.

This is how I went about telling my friends about how many days had passed because of how many people had their cell phones. Then, sir, after this call, I will inform you about the last Mi in Surabaya. So basically, my cellphone can claim the warranty for the screen to be replaced free of charge.

After the conversation was closed, they immediately contacted Hydragon Surabaya on Thursday, August 10. I tried to contact them again, and they said they had not yet arrived. Then, thank God, the next day was Friday. If I’m not mistaken, yesterday at 3 p.m. I was contacted again. If my cellphone was finished, it was back to normal, and no fee was charged.

The test was successful

So today we got a picture from Mitra Care that the cell phone is finished. We want to take it straight to Surabaya, maybe we’ve arrived. Yes, it’s back to normal, friends. Well, like this, it’s been caught again and again, and it doesn’t cost you a penny. After you replace it, a statement like this appears. Let’s check about this: my cell phone is an iBox; the display comes out like this; this is the original component; this is a sign that it’s gone; you’ve replaced the original LCD. by Apple directly, so it’s still new, friends; let’s just try it.

For friends who are affected by the green screen, don’t panic, especially in series 13. There are a lot of people who get hit, but before going there, make sure your cellphone is still original and hasn’t been dismantled, friends, because there are several cases of my friends getting a blank screen. The LCD was serviced by a repairman when he was taken to an official Autores service center.

If you want to claim a warranty, please comment if you have questions from friends. I hope my blog article is useful, and if you like it, don’t forget to come back again for my friends who like to read information about smartphones.
(iPhone 13 Pro Max Blank screen and easy ways to solve it)

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