Galaxy Z4 makes you fall in love

Galaxy Z4 makes you fall in love

The Galaxy Z4 makes you fall in love. Hello friends! With David, this is a good opportunity. This time David will write an article related to this smartphone, namely the Z4.

here I’ve been using the Samsung Galaxy Z4 as my main cellphone for a year. When it was launched, I reviewed it. I fell in love. We got along and ended up sticking together until now, even though during that year I often tried other cool cellphones, which were no less expensive because it was a hobby and happened to be a job. In the end, I’ll go back to the Z4.

However, I never had a single moment when I thought about moving to another cellphone; even when I was sulking with Samsung, I still had no intention of leaving it, and the purpose of sulking was just to ask for clarity so that I didn’t feel like I was hanging on. Luckily,  my sulking was quickly responded to.

Experience using the Samsung Galaxy Z4

They immediately published an official website regarding the Galaxy Z4’s primary service, which pampers consumers with free screen protector replacement and a special hotline for the delivery service folder. Yesterday we tried it directly, and I gave it a 5-star rating, even for the new generation of the Z45 and Z5.

They published the most updated website to keep the same RAM to guarantee that the foldable world is different from the service, especially since the cellphone has no competition in Indonesia. Try which other official cellphone has a multi-window system like this, so we can run apps together, feeling like we have two cellphones. This feature killer makes my life more smiley.

For example, when I want to include a purchase link for the item in my review, I just have to choose which one is convincing. On the right side, if you want to share the image in the gallery with the chat application, just drag and drop it. For aunts who like to say good morning in family groups, this makes it even wilder. For those of you who like to drop memes using people’s expressions, just hold on to the person’s picture, and then they’ll be smart enough to check it themselves. Drop it right away. Galaxy Z4 makes you fall in love

1. Multi-window smartphone

For those who want to compare food promotions on online applications, please don’t jump around anymore. If the promo loses, close it right away and use the full $20 million. Still looking for promos? You have to play the screen for 80,000 J 50,000. We can make all the applications on this cellphone multi-Windows friends.

With this multi-window, you just have to activate the button in Labs, and we can move the app position from right to left to top to bottom. it can also be used for tablets, and everything can be as flexible as this. The system on the Samsung Fold can display up to five applications at once. If you feel challenged by multitasking, your eyes will be challenged. There are two who want to look at five applications at once. If I always have two, I’m stuck. At the same time, three never think of 5. I’m confused. Galaxy Z4 makes you fall in love

2. Home screen

Even if I need to use a lot of applications at one time, I can just move them via the bar bag and go to the parking lot. The application I just used on Volt 5 can be up to 4 applications, and of course, the HP Volt main screen size is wide based on a tablet.

To open a document, whether it’s a menu agreement document at a restaurant, you have to scan the QR and read the newest mango on Mangga plus the official translation. There are no opponents everywhere. I don’t need to carry Kinder anymore to read books when I use this cellphone; it’s the clearest to see. The sharp 7.6-inch AMOLED screen also has lots of special folding features that I need to mention, but that’s enough.

3. Camera

You must have realized that the class of features just now can’t be competed with by any cellphone; it’s just a full one; the world is different; it’s no longer on the same level, it’s just a competitor in terms of camera chipset, blah blah blah, and special functions, that’s why I haven’t thought at all about moving on to another cellphone for the past year. I’m sure Samsung is aware that their position is special, Absolute King in the world of my folder until it’s ready.

Galaxy Z4 makes you fall in love
camera chipset

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 Z4 special features: Galaxy Z4 makes you fall in love

For example, if Samsung doesn’t launch a full new product this year, it’s so difficult for them to relax first. No. Every year, other brands are willing if this year they focus on upgrading the flip; from the leak to the launch poster, everything is a new flip. There’s no fold 5. (Galaxy Z4 makes you fall in love).

but fortunately, there is one. Yesterday, we tried it directly on the launch day. After that, I used it for a review. I fell in love. We fit well, and I think I will use it for the next year until the full six appear. For me, the upgrade feels like a full 4 and full face has a jump. important.

I didn’t think I would come to that conclusion because, when I tried it for a while, upgrading from the Galaxy Z45 didn’t feel exciting. The design is the same as yesterday; from the front screen, the size and specs are similar; from the arrangement of three cameras, the specs are similar; and from the position of the port and fingerprint sensor,. Still, the power button feels different; only the position of the LED flash is full 4 below full 5 on the right. It’s not important. It’s not affected by anything. Galaxy Z4 makes you fall in love.

Galaxy Z4 makes you fall in love
LED Flash is full

My friend, it’s so similar. Did you realize that even though at the beginning I was giving a testimonial about the Z4, I told you while holding a Zippo 5, you wouldn’t be able to tell because it’s actually that similar? When we look at the details, you can see the difference. You can see that the hinge of Volt 5 is tight; there are no triangle gaps. Again.

If on the full pod we can still slip the ATM card in the gap on the full face, it’s no longer tight, the effect makes the cell phone look neater, the hinge is also 2 mm thinner, the weight is 10 grams lighter, and it feels like it’s been polished so it’s more compact without reducing the quality of the skin. The anti-sluggish material is expensive; yes, the quality is expensive, but we can still plunge it into water for a maximum of one and a half meters for 30 minutes. It has an IPX 8 rating. No coldplay can be like this.

OK, it’s still a matter of upgrades that you have to pay attention to. You can feel that this big main screen has also been made brighter, up to 1750, you need to make a picture; the brightness has gone up from the default 1200 nits of 4, but to make the difference feel and feel a little, we have to compare it in the sun because it’s just full.

Screen Z4

Galaxy Z4 makes you fall in love
You can clearly show the contents of the screen, but if you look at the full face, you can be more careful about the processor, and the full face also gets an upgrade to the Snapdragon Edge 2 4 Galaxy, which is faster than the e + Zen1 on the Fold 4, let alone the Triple 8 on the Full 3. The performance is much higher.

But for me, the benefits of this new processor don’t matter. I rarely play heavy games on a full cellphone; if on the front screen, the ratio is too long; if on the neck, the ratio is messed up, and even if we can set it to 16 to 9, I still can’t bear it. I’m crazy about the screen. It’s flexible; maybe it’s so exciting that you’ll press harder to make it stronger because it’s not as hard as regular glass. (Galaxy Z4 makes you fall in love).

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So for me, even though the Volt 5 spec is super high, the RAM is up to 12 gigabytes, and the memory can go up to 1 tera, I’m not going to play serious games; I’m the type of person who activates the light performance profile, which is mainly temperature and battery life rather than gas and cellphone performance. Well, it’s not bad if the default is 4 or full face; now the performance is still great even though the gas is slightly off because the original was too fast and the battery could last longer for around 1 hour. ( Galaxy Z4 makes you fall in love.)

It’s swan if I start from 100% battery; usually, I have 20 to 30% left when I’m going to sleep. It’s safe, so the benefits of the new chipset are not always about performance; the effects can be everywhere, including power efficiency, for those of you who want to know more details about the performance of the Samsung Galaxy Z4.

Galaxy Z4 makes you fall in love
performance Galaxy Z4

from gaming benchmarks to temperatures in this article. There’s not much. I can tell you about it on my blog. Yes, those who like it will be satisfied. Everything is still there, but the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 ISP chipset makes 5 photos better or not than the full 4. The specs are the same as for the main camera. A 50 MP or 12 MP telephoto can have 3 times optical zoom, but it’s a bit the same as the others; if you look at it at a glance, it doesn’t seem to have any effect; it’s the same.

but when we zoom in, the details on the full face are a little clearer. I don’t know if this is post-processing or whether the chipset is influencing it, but there’s a difference in the lines of Taka’s hair shoes or the texture of the grill. This Bluetooth speaker is there for 95% of people who see photos without using Zoom.

Zoom can be labeled as similar. Only people who want to look for the difference will be able to get a Z45-level camera; it’s still a non-Ultra flagship, similar to the Samsung S203, whose photo is already beautiful. People will say that the photo and camera are good, but the level is not yet at the P Ultra level, like the S20 Ultra, which has specs. The camera is crazy big, and the Zoom Killer sensor doesn’t stop there; it already uses a 50 MP main camera on the back of the body. (Galaxy Z4 makes you fall in love).

But I can see the preview well using the cover screen, so it’s better even though my hand has to hold it as wide as possible. So far, the upgrades on 45 are small. When stacked, the feel is quite good. It’s better than Volt 4. It’s more comfortable, but the upgrades are small. I can’t say it’s a leap upgrade.

Like in the beginning, when I said jump upgrade, I didn’t mean it came from the cellphone itself but came from outside the cellphone, namely the S pen casing. If we want a Z45, it feels like an upgrade right away. Correct it, and there is an SP casing, bro. I’m just making it up, okay? I feel like there’s an upgrade. I don’t know. Have you ever seen an Expensi Fold 4 casing that looks like a bump? It’s comfortable, bro; it’s thick and striking, especially if we attach it to a full 4, which is bigger. thick and heavy Chongqing.


Galaxy Z4 makes you fall in love
I have been using the VoltFord for a year and never thought about installing a casing because it’s already quite thick, so many people say that I’m handsome and brave. The handsome part, I’d add, is that I’m still brave, right?  Rp 20 million cellphone wasn’t given a casing until my cellphone hit the stone itself. That’s true. It hit a stone. When I was taking something out of my sling bag, the volt4 pulled and fell onto the sidewalk. Fortunately, it hit the strong end, only to get a scratch.

because it doesn’t have a casing, but after that, I still don’t think about installing a casing; I prefer to just be careful. The default is 5 stories; the difference is that the shape is thinner, the casing is more minimalist, and the position of the S pen is also more practical to insert into the casing, but there isn’t one. The protrusion is so bad that sometimes I forget that there is an S pen inside. (Galaxy Z4 makes you fall in love).

It feels like a normal casing, right? That’s nice, after reading the document, you can immediately sign it when you’re reading and continue to find good quotes, the highlights can be more accurate, and the function of the S pen is also great, I already know my friend From the beginning, it was as simple as scribbling to control the camera remotely.

Samsung Note is back, baby, Unfortunately, Samsung doesn’t add this casing as a bonus in the sales package, so even if you don’t have a charger, you can’t get this cool casing; you have to buy it separately, The price is 1 to 1.2 million and for those of you who feel smart, you just want to buy the casing and then plug it into the full So you can’t upgrade straight away, Bro. Satan is shaking his head, looking at Samsung’s design method. (Galaxy Z4 makes you fall in love).

Friends, do you still remember the position of the LED flash, which was shifted from the bottom to the side of the camera, which we thought was not important? It turns out the bullet of the Fold 5 camera must become shorter, so the casing has to be adjusted too. So that it fits, and it automatically won’t fit if it’s installed on an external volt 4. Normally, the S Pen itself can be used on a full-screen.

but it’s the same If you can’t keep it near the cellphone, then the conclusion is that the Samsung Galaxy Z45 cellphone will be my main cellphone until there is a cellphone that can do more. I always hope that this will happen so that the Samsung will still be hot, and even though the chances are small, the Z fold 5 will have consistent results. (Galaxy Z4 makes you fall in love).

Samsung has been fighting against solid hardware for almost 5 years, let alone fighting against killer software that makes you feel at home, plus now the Z fold 5 has become even more patent-worthy because it has reunited with Samsung’s flagship weapon, the S Pen. Who dares to fight?

Good luck, yes. Most brave enough to complain about the price alone for this. Samsung is playing it safe, not lowering the price but not charging more for something more fixed, like a full-four. That’s the gadget review for the Samsung Galaxy Z45. If you like this article, keep following it if you don’t like it. and we’ll meet again in the next article.

Galaxy Z4 makes you fall in love

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