Don t worry iPhone speaker is dead Here s 1 solution

Don t worry iPhone speaker is dead Here s 1 solution

Don t worry iPhone speaker is dead Here s 1 solution: hello, assalamualaikum, warahmatullahi, wabarakatuh, Back again with Rockmen. Today I want to talk again about the iPhone. But before that, friends, you must always visit my blog so that I am enthusiastic about writing articles for the future. Try counting likes three times, okay? 123 Thank you for visiting my blog.

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iPhone cellphone speakers

Don t worry iPhone speaker is dead Here s 1 solution

So I want to discuss iPhone cellphones again. Now I want to discuss how to deal with iPhone cellphone speakers that are dead, or you could say slow, because of continuous use. Usually anything is damaged; we fix it here, but by talking, don’t dismantle the cellphone. Usually, if it is an iPhone 7 and above, it has two stickers: the first is on top and the second is on the bottom.

The speaker at the bottom here has a speaker for the one on the right; usually, it goes up for us to talk, chat, and do all kinds of things on the telephone. The one on the left here usually makes music, and the same one above is for cellphones, iPhone 7 and above, and Sapto iPhone 7 and above, like So then the programs that often appear on the cellphone are usually due to long use, so they often turn off or the speaker turns off or slows down like that.
(Don t worry iPhone speaker is dead Here s 1 solution).

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Repair solution (Don t worry iPhone speaker is dead Here s 1 solution)

Don t worry iPhone speaker is dead Here s 1 solution

We have tried to have it repaired at the counter, but the cost is usually very expensive. In this tradition, I will share the tutorial or method for repairing it without spending a lot of money, as long as you use neng tea with an old toothbrush, or you can buy it and press it when you wash used clothes. This is new.

You choose the one like this, the one that is soft and continues to move like this; there is something like that at the end; usually again, this is the flat one, the sharp one. Then you can buy it anywhere at the nearest stall or at the March, February, or January market. You can note that the one that has the little hairs, you know, then let’s check first. My cellphone has been exposed to a lot of dust, so let’s test it first. Let’s test it. Let’s play this song. It sounds like this is anxiety.

It looks like the Mi5 is a good blue color. Listen, there is a difference here; the planet can be proven because this is for a tutorial article, friends, so what I did was look for a damaged cellphone like that. Let’s execute it so that it can return to normal. (Don t worry iPhone speaker is dead Here s 1 solution).

OK, once again, don’t forget to understand it properly. That’s right, don’t get me wrong, software point, let’s start with the first method, you Gotta feel first, pause, then that’s it, but here the first thing you do is log in to the WiFi, it’s not on yet, your search is higher, the name is Sonic Azyyati, OK, you keep searching. Above, this one, yes this one, Sonic Sonic piye-piye. Keep in touch, friends, and download it.

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So, friends, just open it like this, so the point is to remove the dust that is around it so that it is also in the parts. Apart from that, first and foremost, what is the application for? Yes, it is for removing the dust, but the way to do this is for you to press play while you hold your skating, I’m here, and then you can move your hands straight up and down.

Don t worry iPhone speaker is dead Here s 1 solution
use pasta

Then, after that, let the frequency go up and down like that. Let’s try this. We want to help you with this information because, in the afternoon, it was whispered. Show it on the speaker and rub it like this while Deeply, for example, then besides rubbing it, if you can, face it down, the speaker faces it down like that, right? Then you guys rinse the top here, the top part, you use it, you also rub it facing downwards, like this, you rub it on the speaker, and then this, keep going up and down, down again, down the choir next to you, we raise it, we lower it, we rub it.

After that, we go up and down, and occasionally we have a logo like water. The one in the middle is the one at the bottom; just update the top, but that’s it, then I’ll just speed it up so that it’s fast. If I feel like I’ve had enough wind, here is the wind: stock up. Then you guys try. Play music again. I’m playing on YouTube; here we are one more time. This is the bottom part. Hi, sorry. The clothes haven’t turned on yet.

Don t worry iPhone speaker is dead Here s 1 solution
check the whole thing

The code for the top has been differentiated from the start. Let’s look for another free song. It’s not there. That’s right, there’s a copyright; you can try the one below, and answer the sustenance above, so conclude the method. Now mine is normal again, and the top and bottom have started. You can go back to normal inspection again without having to go to the counter at an expensive price, Okay, that’s all the tips from you too Don’t forget to read the other articles. (Don t worry iPhone speaker is dead Here s 1 solution).


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