check because the Oppo A16 is completely dead

check because the Oppo A16 is completely dead

Hello friends, meet again with me Rafatec, this time the discussion is about the Oppo A16 cellphone technician, who is completely dead. He brought it to the box, and he said this cellphone is still under warranty, but I told him to just go to the service center. The user didn’t want to, so he said, Let me confirm it here. Let’s check this out. the cardboard. ( check because the Oppo A16 is completely dead).

solution that must be implemented

How to find out if the LCD is damaged

check because the Oppo A16 is completely dead

Let’s try turning on the cell phone first. I turn it on. The cellphone vibrates, but it doesn’t want to display. When it’s charged, it vibrates but doesn’t show anything. It’s still dark, and there’s no picture here, OK? Next, let’s just disassemble the cell phone. Here’s the cardboard. We’ll get rid of it first.

The back cover has come off; you have to be careful not to damage the Take Cover. I used a blower with a heat of 220, and the wind was 100. It looks like the cell phone is still sealed.

Let’s try removing the battery connector first. After removing the battery connector, we will try to attach it again. This is our battery connector. try turning it on again; there’s still no image whatsoever, Let’s test it again Using this new LCD, I’ve prepared a new LCD for testing. Connect the new LCD. Let’s try turning it on; it vibrates and lights up, which means it’s probably damaged—only the LCD part. Let’s try charging it first; here’s the battery. After the shot, we try the LCD, and then it will turn on. We will test 210 first.

Let’s try pressing one of our applications, and then use this slide to test our touch screen. First, let’s press one of the applications, and we slide it to all sides of the LCD. The purpose of this is to prove that the touch screen can be touched on all sides under normal conditions. Yes, that’s it. To all sides. check because the Oppo A16 is completely dead.

Steps to install LCD

OK, let’s try the new LCD, and it turns out the cellphone is on, which means the cellphone is broken. The LCD is disconnected first. To replace the LCD, we have to remove the battery. This is plastic. This is plastic.

  1. First, we open this plastic.
  2. Second, we hold it to the side of the plastic that we first pulled slowly. open, the battery is already loose in the second piece of plastic. We will also remove it a little so that it doesn’t bother us. We will remove all the LCD and mainboard connectors, and we will also remove the antenna connector. then we lift the machine, so we put it away first. Next, I will remove the LCD. We can use a separator, or we can also use a blower. Here I will try using a blower with a heat of 220; a wind of 100 is enough. check because the Oppo A16 is completely dead.

We heat it with a blower for about 3 rounds, then we use a tool like a shovel, stick it, and then we lift it. It’s still quite heavy, so we lift it while we insert the plate into the side.

After the sides have been lifted, we can insert the plate that has been lifted. Pay attention here; above the tip of the LCD, there is a filter. We have to secure it so we can put it back on the new LCD. Yes, this is the filter covering the top speaker. The old LCD has been removed.

check because the Oppo A16 is completely dead

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Next, we will clean up the remaining glue on the frame. Pay attention here; maybe there is still glue remaining. We have to clean this, for example, by cleaning it slowly with tweezers.

OK, all the sides are clean from glue marks; even if we feel there are still dust marks, we will clean them with a brush.

Next, we will try to be precise with the new LCD. We have to try it first. We removed the protective plastic. Here, there is still protective plastic. We removed it. We attached it first. This is the flexible part of the LCD. We pull it up a little, then we stick it. check because the Oppo A16 is completely dead.

If it sticks, we throw the seal away. We dare to throw away the seal when we have tested the LCD and declared it normal. Then we dare to throw away the seal. Let’s try to be precise first. Yes, this is quite precise; let’s take it off again. Don’t forget to return the speaker cover filter here. The important thing is not to lose this filter because the new LCD doesn’t have a filter.

OK, now that the filter is installed, we just need to apply LCD glue. We use this mechanical brand of LCD glue; the color is black, and the adhesive is quite strong. I like this glue; we glue it to the edge of the frame.

Pay attention here; it looks like there are two holes, one of which is the sensor hole. Don’t let it get stuck. So, we will clean the area near the hole again so that it doesn’t interfere, because if the sensor hole is covered by the glue pattern, there will be a chaotic function. Nothing is disturbing about this. Pay attention to the glue only being at the edge of the frame.

Install LCD ( check because the Oppo A16 is completely dead )

Next, we just have to install the LCD. Slowly, we will be precise, and we will see that this is the result. Is this precision on the edges? There is glue residue coming out; yes, we will clean it here. I use this glass cleaning cloth. I bought a lot of it; it’s usually used for cleaning. We give liquid to the rest of the LCD like this, whether it’s thinner or not. First, we clean up the remaining glue that comes out so that the results will be neater. We have cleaned up the remaining glue that comes out to the edge of the frame.

check because the Opp oA16 is completely dead

Next Step

In the next step, we will use this LCD clamp to attach the LCD to the frame. As long as the glue is not dry, we will use LCD adhesive. The unit price when I bought it was only 25 thousand, but it seems now the price has dropped to around 15 or 17,000, if I’m not mistaken.

The installation process is complete; all we have to do is wait for the glue to dry, which will take at least an hour, and then it will be completely dry. Yes, we will get rid of this first, and then we will also clean this frame and back cover. There is still some glue left and right. We will clean it using tweezers, and we will clean it carefully. slowly on all sides.

It’s already been removed from the adhesive. The back cover and frame are clean. We just have to wait for the LCD glue to dry. OK, after waiting for more than 1 hour, it’s time for us to tidy this up. Let’s take it off first. We will attach the engine to the fingerprint connector device, and we will also install this middle frame. OK, all the bolts are installed, and nothing is left or missing. Next, we will try to test it. Turn it on first. check because the Oppo A16 is completely dead.

Final Step

The final step is that we will install the back cover. We will put glue on the edges but not too far so that it doesn’t come out to the side

The back cover is installed, then we open the LCD protection and clean it again using a tissue. Then there is the back cover; the glue is not yet dry; we will help with a rubber band; and we will return it to the box, ready for us to return it.

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That’s how I replaced the Oppo A16 LCD. I hope this article is useful. We’ll see you again in the next article.

check because the Oppo A16 is completely dead.


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