4 uses of iPhone batteries and how useful they are

4 uses of iPhone batteries and how useful they are

1. Is battery health important for iPhone?
2. Why can it be said that iPhone battery health is not important?
3. What is the capacity of the iPhone health battery?
4. When is the right time to replace the iPhone health battery?

4 uses of iPhone batteries and how useful they are: Friends, in this article we will discuss how important battery health is on the iPhone because the issue has been debated from year to year regarding the existence of battery health on the iPhone, so some say it is important and some say It’s not important because it’s a bit worrying. If, for example, we look at the health battery on an iPhone, we will also discuss what exactly the battery is. Let’s just discuss it, friends.

The importance of battery health

So battery health itself is a feature on the iPhone that is used to monitor performance up to the remaining original capacity of the battery or the maximum capacity of the battery component itself. So battery health is a component that, every time we use it, its performance will decrease. For example, we say battery health on an iPhone is important because we can monitor the condition of our iPhone battery, so for example, when we buy a new iPhone, the battery health is 100. %.

So as time goes by, when we use it, it will go down. So you can’t always be at 100% with friends because, before you used a smartphone, you didn’t have a healthy battery, so you just feel calm, and then you feel like the battery is wasting when you drop it and drop it like that.

OK, on the iPhone, the battery is embedded; the aim is so that we can monitor the condition of our battery in double time. So, for example, if we use it, let’s say we are playing a game and the battery gets hot while we are charging it. Well, that will certainly reduce the battery health of the iPhone, friends. This situation will certainly be a warning to us that our use of the iPhone itself is excessive and not under the right conditions.

Therefore, I can say that battery health itself is quite important for us because we can monitor the condition of our battery. Apart from that, with battery health, we can choose when we buy a second-hand iPhone. When we see the battery’s health, it is at a low level, meaning that the previous user was not in good condition.

4 uses of iPhone batteries and how useful they are

Friends, you already know that, for example, if you buy a second-hand iPhone where the battery has never been replaced, the battery price will not be 100% because, over time, it will decrease. So it is quite necessary to be suspicious when we buy an iPhone in second-hand condition, but the battery health is still 100% if the iPhone is used for a long period of time. Let’s C1 up to 2 years, so friends, you need to check first that the butter has been in Replace or not, because that is one of the functions of the battery health on the iPhone. 4 uses of iPhone batteries and how useful they are

Battery health is not important

Then why can it be said that battery health is not important? Maybe some people with battery health are worried or worried because when they check the battery item, the battery health drops by one or two percent. They feel worried. anxious or anxious, what’s wrong?

The feeling we have when using an iPhone is normal, but why does the battery health go down like that? This also happened to me when I first used an iPhone that had a healthy battery, but we don’t need to worry, guys.

A decrease in battery health is a normal thing, not something that is our fault or how it is normal, because yes. As time goes by, we want to use it in the right way or in an extreme way. The battery seems to keep going down. The difference is that if we use it recklessly, the battery will quickly drop drastically. (4 uses of iPhone batteries and how useful they are).

Battery health capacity

So what is a good battery capacity on an iPhone? So in my opinion, the health battery capacity, which is still within a reasonable range and does not need to be replaced, is between 80 and 100%.

4 uses of iPhone batteries and how useful they are
Battery health capacity

So, for example, friends who currently have an iPhone should check the settings item, then the battery and battery health. If the range of your head battery is still 80 to 100%, then your battery condition still has very good performance.

So, for example, if we say that the battery life of an iPhone normally is 10 hours, say if it is at 80%, it will last around 8 hours, but if, for example, it is below 80%, according to previous experience, the battery condition will decrease quickly. drastic yes. So, for example, if we usually charge it once a day, if, for example, the battery is below or at 70%, we usually charge it two times—you’re like that. (4 uses of iPhone batteries and how useful they are).

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But to test whether the battery health has decreased in a normal way or not, we can take an average. For example, if our iPhone usage has been in the range of one year, it is normal for the battery health to decrease by 5 to 10%, and that has indeed happened. 4 uses of iPhone batteries and how useful they are

I proved it on my iPhone. Starting from the iPhone that I currently use, I use an iPhone 12, which has dropped 9% since I bought it a year ago. Then, on the iPhone that I previously had, namely the iPhone 11 Pro, the same thing happened. So, on average, battery health goes down; it doesn’t go below 90. After 1 year of use, for example, if a friend has an iPhone and it goes down more than 10 or even 20% in 1 year, that means there’s something wrong with it. your daily life using your iPhone. (4 uses of iPhone batteries and how useful they are).

So that’s the actual evaluation material for battery health. For you, it’s quite important, but for example, these friends is a typical person who is anxious and doesn’t want to see it If the battery is in bad condition, you don’t need to worry or look at battery health. (4 uses of iPhone batteries and how useful they are).

Then you just need to use your iPhone as usual, and don’t worry, just let the battery go down and you can still use the iPhone. So this debate depends on each person. Do you care about how to use your smartphone correctly or not? those who use a smartphone as a tool that has to be used recklessly to play games and so on, to the point that if this cellphone is damaged, for example, it has to be replaced again, like that, guys. 4 uses of iPhone batteries and how useful they are

So for the head battery, for example, friends, there are several questions. Then there are several opinions about this head battery—whether it would be better to leave it on the iPhone or leave it there because it is an important feature—you can comment below this article. 4 uses of iPhone batteries and how useful they are

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Time to change battery health

Actually, when does the iPhone battery have to be replaced? According to several opinions on the internet, I can see that when the battery head shows a figure of 75% or lower, it will be displayed on your iPhone that your battery health has decreased drastically, so Apple has an official plan. can replace the battery to restore performance to full capacity.

4 uses of iPhone batteries and how useful they are
change battery health

The sign is that your battery should be replaced with a better one. What is it called when we have to replace our battery? If, for example, you are not experienced in replacing iPhone batteries, it is recommended that you go to an Apple service center or a place with technicians who are professionals in handling them. things like this. Maybe that’s all for this article; hopefully, it will provide useful knowledge for readers of my blog. I look forward to the next articles. (4 uses of iPhone batteries and how useful they are).


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