1 way to deal with lost iPhone signal how to do it

1 way to deal with lost iPhone signal how to do it

1 way to deal with lost iPhone signal how to do it: Hi friends, back again with Rockmen. On this occasion, I will discuss a little about SIM card numbers. Friends, lately it’s the season for signal loss, no service, no SIM card, and searching, so what should I do in this article?

iPhone, no SIM card?

(1 way to deal with lost iPhone signal how to do it)

1 way to deal with lost iPhone signal how to do it : The first time you experienced this was with DC clear glue, Indra, and let’s get studied. I also made an article like this because previously I wrote articles quite often, such as how to show a lost personal hotspot.

On this occasion, I explain dual SIM cards on the iPhone for the China-Hong Kong region. You can also check the upcoming articles here, and in this article, I want to discuss iPhones whose signal is lost, no service searching, or whatever; basically, it’s not working as normally as an iPhone.

How does this also happen to the seller version of the iPad? Only very rarely, most often the iPhone, since there was a regulation from the Ministry of Industry which also collaborated with Indonesian providers who wanted to eradicate iPhone specifications and market cellphones, Now since there is this policy, our iPhones searching The music that I saw on friends was like I was immediately paranoid, like in the middle of something like this, I sneezed a little, had a slight fever, maybe I had a stomach ulcer.

So if I say this, it’s very humane, and don’t panic; calm down because your iPhone doesn’t always get blocked by IMEI. Oh my god, on my iPhone, the signal is gone and going FF anywhere. I don’t know where the signal promises to get blocked by IMEI.

If, for example, your iPhone suddenly loses signal, the SIM card searching signal is detected, and then the signal bar goes up and down, the first thing you have to do is be aware and make sure you are standing where you are. What is the signal? If, for example, just paint or suddenly something like that is there, right? It’s also possible that if the provider is having a problem, there’s an MI function or something like that, or maybe you’re going to a place you’ve never been before and then you suddenly have more signal. There’s nothing like that; it’s okay; your friends just came to the place. Maybe the signal is really bad there.

The first thing you can do, which is very basic, is to turn airplane mode on and off. Another method is to turn airplane mode on and off. This is for all kinds of connectivity on the iPhone, such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and the snake will switch on and then off again if, for example, you turn off airplane mode.

If, for example, you want to be specific to cellular, you can go to cellular settings, then turn off cellular first, and then another way. If that doesn’t work, how do you restore your iPhone? Because I’m sure many users out there rarely turn off or restart their iPhone. Even though I think it’s really important, once a week or two, it’s a pity that it keeps turning on.

1 way to deal with lost iPhone signal how to do it
connectivity iPhone

Nowadays, cell phones are no longer like they used to be when they were always turned off. For example, if they were used like that, they would be tasty, they would stand by, and then the iPhone would turn on regularly, once a week, once every two weeks, once a month—that’s OK, rather than not at all.

If, for example, after restarting it, it also turns on and doesn’t come out, or there are problems with searching all the time, and so on, you can remove the SIM card from your iPhone. Yes,  you can also comment on this method with the previous method, such as on-off inner + mod, or restart it first, then remove the SIM card. If, for example, it doesn’t work, you also have to reset the network settings.  (1 way to deal with lost iPhone signal how to do it).

1 way to deal with lost iPhone signal how to do it

Network Setting

1 way to deal with lost iPhone signal how to do it

This network setting is in the network connection settings on your iPhone, including WiFi + Cellular to factory settings again. For absence, you can go to general settings, then at the bottom there is research and you select reset Network settings. If, for example, you have reset your WiFi, Previously, I entered the password at a friend’s house in Alfamart, next to the intersection.

Later, it will return to normal again. You have to enter the password again, as well as the cellular settings. If,  for example, you are sure, please reset the network settings.

If, for example, it doesn’t work, what does that mean? You have to do another investigation regarding your SIM card. First, try removing the SIM card, then move it to another cellphone—your friend’s cellphone, your cellphone—as long as it’s not your ex’s cellphone because sometimes they don’t reply. Maybe they’ll be happy if, for example, your SIM card typing on another cellphone means something wrong with your iPhone. There is a problem with your iPhone. 1 way to deal with lost iPhone signal: how to do it.

1 way to deal with lost iPhone signal how to do it
SIM card

So, if, for example, you can’t use other cell phones, it means your SIM card is damaged. Then I don’t know why it’s yellow, whatever it is. Maybe because, briefly, you can see that it hasn’t been replaced for five years and six years, so you just have to go to your respective provider to change the SIM card, or you can also do the opposite and try to insert another SIM card.

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Friend, you use a sim card from a sim card other than your sim card on your iPhone. For example, it can be detected, and the signal is detected, which means yes, in short, you have to replace it. If, for example, it doesn’t work, it’s also because there’s something wrong with your iPhone.

There’s a problem with your iPhone. At this stage, you can start to panic a little, but don’t panic until you break the glass. That means there are two possibilities: your iPhone has an IMEI blocked, there is a problem, or there is a hardware defect on your iPhone.

However, before that, there is one more method that is quite risky: you have to restart your iPhone, and the new ZS will be like new. Most people file at this stage because one thing is that they don’t know, they don’t know about portable, their idea, even though it’s their iPhone, even though that Apple ID is like if you are locked in your own house, you don’t know which key, and the first time you validate it, it usually tells you to insert your SIM card and always sends an OTP.

But you can do it now without using that method. So, just use WiFi because you have successfully restarted your iPhone, but there is still no signal and no service. Still searching, still no SIM card, whatever it is, so before we conclude, our iPhone has damaged hardware. I want to give you some tips first.

How do I do it? Looking at our iPhone, there is no problem with the hardware regarding this signal. Typically, the IC is the hardware component that is most frequently impacted by this signal issue. You know, for example, that the CV.OBS band doesn’t use that method. So just use WiFi; you’ve already managed to restore your iPhone, but there’s still no signal and no service. Still searching, but still no SIM card. Whatever it is, before we can’t decide that our iPhone has damaged hardware, in this case, you can still get help; the chances of recovery or being able to return to normal are very high, but if the CV.OBS band is already damaged, then you need major surgery to move your body and all kinds of things. But don’t be afraid and blink Jeng in pain first because you can check it first on your iPhone.

1 way to deal with lost iPhone signal how to do it
hardware regarding

Is there a problem with the component or not? The first thing you can do is go to general settings, then go to About and scroll to the bottom. For example, if the firmware modem is still there, along with the version number, most likely there is no problem with IC Zero, friends, or you can check at star fence 0–6 fence, For example, if you want to give it an appearance, it means it is still being detected, and the last way for you to make an emergency call is 11/11/12. (1 way to deal with lost iPhone signal how to do it).

If, for example, it doesn’t connect or there’s no sound, it means there’s a problem with your iPhone’s hardware, but if for example, it could mean there’s no problem with your iPhone. Well, there are two terrible things here: go to a repairman or the Ministry of Industry to take care of blocking your anime. For example, if you want to make sure about the hardware on your iPhone that seems to have a problem, just take it to a specialist Apple AC service center where you can find a qualified technician. experienced.  (1 way to deal with lost iPhone signal how to do it).

The cellphone service place is in As Oris, not a Honda repair shop; the word is to change the oil. Then it turns out it still doesn’t work, which also means that the possibility of Khan’s iPhone being blocked by IMEI has been raised to more than 60%. Why isn’t it 100% yet? There are still many other things.

Actually, if we break down the hardware or software issues, there are all kinds of back issues, but again, if for example, you are already clear, OK, I bought it internationally, I don’t know, I’ve registered it, I’ve paid taxes, not all kinds, I’m sure you will think very negatively and immediately give up. What? What you have to do after that, if, for example, the iPhone you bought is new and less than a year old, is contact the seller to see if it is still under warranty. 1 way to deal with lost iPhone signal how to do it

In general, to register the Ministry of Industry’s IMEI for this step, you can directly contact the Ministry of Industry’s Twitter or maybe on their website. I have never done that because, thank God, it has never happened until now. Neither I nor the people around me have children. But if I pay attention to Facebook on the blog of a group of friends of iPhone users out there on Instagram, there is also one. Even yesterday, I was just like that. I had a question about signal searching; I don’t know.

For more or less friends who have read this blog article, I hope you will return to my blog, hopefully, it will be successful and useful. (1 way to deal with lost iPhone signal how to do it).

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